5 -> 4 -> 33333333333333

So after a casual run-through of some easy farm bosses in Black Temple, we decided to maybe move in the general direction of Teron Gorefiend. You know, to have a look at the fight, maybe give it a shot before attempting it for real the next day. There was a lot of trash. Frightening trash, with spinning swords and large skeletons and even a small battalion of orcs.

We decided to maybe learn the trash. Well, it was learned. And more:

Teron Gorefiend Kill

Surprising, perhaps, maybe even a little lucky. I must say I didn't expect the learning process to be this quick. As we were approaching Gorefiend, and as it became apparent that we're actually going attempt him tonight, for real, the following horrifying sequence of events was playing in my mind:

Earlier that evening:

[Adobe] whispers: lol is it ok if i didn't play the minigame or watch the video or read the fight?


Teron Gorefiend yells: I have use for you!
Raid Warning [Kain]: Adobe has Shadow of Death!

...and constructs run rampant through the raid.

And it didn't stop there. We had to call in our Special Forces using a phone reserved only for emergencies. Let me illustrate roughly how the conversation went:

There Is A Phone Shaped Like A Cock On The Table

Thankfully the ghost minigame aspect is much simpler overall than anticipated, and it only really depends on the first person to get it. And we can pray that someone "rigged" gets it at the start.

Speaking of which, here's the picture of Kazajin I promised:

Four Popped Colors

By the way, that girl in the picture is his "asian valentine's day date".

Next is Archimonde, which will test our problem solving intelligence and maze navigation to the fullest.

Problem Solving Intelligence