Guild Information

Basic Information

  • Server: Mal’Ganis (US), formerly Auchindoun (US)
  • Faction: Horde
  • Guild Creation Date: June 15th, 2007
  • Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST (6:00 - 10:00 Server)
  • Guild Leader: Kaos (name changed from Kain)
  • Guild Officers: Jr and Mordral
  • Target Raiding Level: 25-man Normal Mode


We are a semi-serious raiding guild focusing primarily on Normal difficulty 25-man raid content. We raid 3 days a week for 3-4 hours a day.

Addiction was formed in June of 2007 (shortly after the release of Burning Crusade) on the Auchindoun server. We have raided consistently since then, completing all 10- and 25-man content in all expansions on at least Normal difficulty (and often full clears on Heroic, especially in the case of 10-mans).

We believe that completing content first is commendable, that completing it well and efficiently is more important, and that having a good time while raiding is most important of all. As such we have rarely been on the forefront of progression (though we do have a few server firsts under our belt back on Auchindoun), but every single raid tier since 2007 has been extremely memorable.

That does not mean that we are lax or casual when enforcing rules, learning progress content, or evaluating player performance. We do not raid as much as the more hardcore guilds, but we take the time we spend raiding very seriously.


Addiction raids officially three days a week, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Raid invites start at 7:00 PM Eastern Time (6:00 server time). Players have 30 minutes to get in the raid and get ready, and everyone who is in the raid group by 7:30 is considered on time (and everyone who joins afterwards is considered late).

Officers will send out invites starting at 7:00 and get people as they log on. However, if you do not receive an invite it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to send a tell to one or more officers. They are likely doing a bunch of things at once to get the raid together, and sometimes people are not noticed. “I was online this whole time but never got an invite” is NOT a valid excuse and will NOT prevent you from being marked late.

Raids begin at 7:30 and can officially run up to 11 PM, though on most nights we end closer to 10:30. Somewhere around the halfway point we take a 5-minute break before continuing. Leaving before the raid is officially over and/or extended AFKs will result in partial attendance loss for the night. The details are handled on a case-by-case basis, but in general assume that you WILL lose partial credit for the night if you hold up the raid in some way (especially when flasks are ticking).

Loot is handled using a combined attendance and DKP system, the details of which are explained here.

The actual process of raiding is in general pretty laid back, with off-topic conversations in both vent and raid chat accepted and even encouraged (as long as they don’t negatively impact boss attempts). We also view the process of figuring out strategies as something that the whole raid is involved in, so by all means communicate any ideas or suggestions you might have to the officers (ideally through private tells). The worst thing that can happen is you will politely be explained why your idea will not work.

Consumables (both flasks and feasts) are provided by the guild free of charge for all “progress” content. Because of this it is expected that EVERYONE is flasked and well fed for every progress boss attempt, and not doing this reflects negatively on the player (and among other things is automatically announced by a mod every time a ready check happens). Potions are generally not provided, but on particularly difficult and DPS-sensitive content may be supplied free of charge as well.

On occasion people will be asked to sit out raids. This is primarily based on attendance, and those in the highest attendance bracket (75%+) will be asked to sit out only in extreme circumstances (and often taking into account things like which bosses they need loot from and so on). Full DKP and attendance is awarded for sitting out a raid, provided that the player is easily reachable and able to come in if a replacement needs to be made.

Application and Trial Process

Applying to the guild is possible directly through this website, by filling out and submitting the form found here.

The application will be reviewed by officers over the course of a few days, and if the applicant is deemed desirable he or she is contacted in-game by an officer. At this time there may be further questions or just general conversation. We generally do not do formal interviews past the application itself, but like to talk to the person to get a feel for who they are and to get to know each other better. At the end of this a guild invite is sent.

The following things are important to keep in mind when applying, and following these guidelines will greatly increase your chances of being recruited:

  • Have ALL of your gear properly gemmed and enchanted, with full glyphs on your character. This is the FIRST thing we look at, and very often do not look too much further if we see unenchanted and ungemmed gear.

  • Put some effort into coming across professionally. Joking around and answering the open-ended application questions creatively is perfectly fine, just try not to come across as incompetent while doing it.

New players join the guild at the Trial rank, which marks the beginning of their trial period. This period lasts several weeks, and at the end the recruit is either promoted to Raider or removed from guild (this is rare, and in general is done discreetly).

During the trial period the recruit will be carefully watched and evaluated by one or more officers, with occasional (private) input from other members (generally those of the same class). We look for a number of things, and the most important ones to keep in mind are:

  • Able to show up on time, avoid AFKs outside of official breaks, and stay until the raid is ended.
  • Ability to follow directions, particularly when yelled incoherently during a hectic boss encounter.
  • Knowledge of your class along with a willingness to accept suggestions and criticism and act appropriately on it.
  • Fully gemmed and enchanted gear.

Good performance from a DPS/Healing meters perspective is certainly something we look at, but it is only a piece of the overall evaluation. We understand that new recruits are often undergeared and inexperienced. For this reason we place much more emphasis on a player’s ability and willingness to learn and improve, and very little emphasis on the fact that they may not be putting up the most amazing numbers the first night of raiding.

Trials are not guaranteed raid spots, and especially for progress content we tend to prefer experienced and geared raiders. We try to bring new recruits in as much as possible to see them perform in a variety of situations, but it is likely that a given recruit will be sitting out some number of raids on days that we have more than 25 people. Do not take this personally, and realize that this our primary goal is to assemble the best possible raid group to kill bosses. Complaining about being forced to sit out and about loot (we use a VERY well-defined DKP system that has absolutely no officer input or favoritism) is a surefire way to get people and officers to not like you.

If you have any questions at any point during the application or trial process, please do not hesitate to ask. The officers will take as much time as needed to address your concerns and ensure that the process is smooth and ends with you becoming a Raider. If we cannot answer a particular question about how to improve your class, we will often pair you up with a senior raider that will be able to work with you and help with gearing, rotation, and so on.

Guild Ranks


These are raiders who have been with the guild for an extended period of time and shown an ability to manage raids, form strategies, help other players, and keep them in line where necessary. They drink. A lot. Officers are appointed by Kaos and current officers. Do not ask to be one, you don’t want to anyway. Trust us.

These are players who have reached 75%+ attendance and have become consistent participants in our raids. Long term raiders who are no longer able to raid are often demoted to Casual Members.

All new recruits begin as a trial. Generally the trial period will last for two to three weeks. See Application and Trial Process above for details.

Casual Member
These are friends/family of raiders or players that used to, but no longer raid. They are not invited to raids. Casual members who express interest in raiding are made trials and go through that process. We do not recruit Casuals directly.

Other characters belonging to guild members. To prevent roster bloat we regularly remove inactive alts from the guild and have limits to how many a person can have. The official rule is “one non-max-level character per player”.

These are old raiders and members of interest who have not been online for over a year. They are kept around, some in memory, some in hopes that they return. We remember them fondly.

Questions and Comments

If you ever have any questions or comments regarding anything about raiding or the guild in general, feel free to ask any officer at any time. In the case of sensitive or personal issues feel free to speak with Kaos directly, and be assured that your concerns will be kept private.

Be aware also that we hate guild drama. A lot. We prefer to organize like-minded adults and fellow gamers to complete challenges as a team, not to babysit a pack of kindergarteners. As such any particular problems on this front will be dealt with quickly, and in general end very unfavorably for the instigators. We are very good at separating legitimate concerns from people trying to start drama, so don’t do it.