How Long is Longcat?

Reliquary of Souls Kill

Mother Sharaz Kill

You know, after Archimonde every fight seems easy. Gurtogg, initially, took only a few attempts. Reliquary of Souls took a single laid-back, casual evening. There's about 5 people total that need to pay attention that fight, for everyone else it's "stay off the ramp, DPS hard in phase 2, DPS harder in phase 3". Mother Shahraz consists of "tanks stand there, and other people run AWAY when you get teleported". We had some issues explaining to several individuals what exactly "away" means, but even then we 2-shot her.

Just like many other fights in this game, these two encounters were defeated through the use of creative thinking rather than just brute force or luck. Even Nevvy had a good idea in there somewhere I'm pretty sure, which is surprising to say the least.

We Will Make An Artificial Anus

Lost yet? Well, if you're someone that doesn't regularly raid with us, you probably only know Nevvy as the bad troll in trade chat that says "banned" after every statement, or as the person in Skettis that chooses to wipe you on the escort because he disagrees with the shoes you wear. You may or may not know that he has a kitten in his freezer. But here in Addiction's raiding scene, we primarily know Nevvy as a veritable fountain of bad ideas. These suggestions are usually delivered at the most critical moment of a fight, when everyone else is desperately trying to focus, and Nevvy himself is lying face down on the ground due to an earlier attempt to put one of his ideas into action. I think this says it best:

As Retarded As Longcat Is Long

The humor may be lost on some of my readers. In that case, I recommend you find a shiny ball to play with, or maybe a slinky. Or play one of the many creative games that our star raiders invent in their free time while running circles around Shattrath at 4 a.m. on the weekend.

Game one is called "Get On Your Mount And Fly Up As High As You Can And Dismount, Whoever Lives Wins". Another is called "Make A Level 1 Alt And See Who Can Get To Stormwind First". I swear, playing a DPS class gives people Downs. I can just imagine these people in real life, coming up with things like "Poke The Alligator Until It Flips Out" and "Lick The Electrical Socket". Or even worse, congregating with other idiots on the internet and bringing that sewage to guild chat. If you don't believe me, scroll back up and read the first word of every paragraph of this news post. Then tell me what you think.