Sacrifices Must Be Made

So rumor has it that Dan has been threatened with bodily harm if this update doesn't appear QUICK. I'm not even going to begin to try and explain this, but I figure it's part of the Twitter experience. And pitching shady business plans to men named DOLPH and SVIRRE on Skype.

Luckily I don't believe in Christmas, so I am free to spend the day composing yet another masterwork.

Saurfang Kill

The difficulty of these first few encounters is surprisingly appropriate. They're not really 1-shots, and at least for us the bosses died JUST AS some individuals began to transition into the "wow fuck this it's mathematically impossible" mentality. Of course it could have just been the bulletproof planning and coordination on the part of the officers:

Raid Planning

And we almost didn't clear the whole place in the first week either. Monday I come home from work, pour a glass of Spanish wine, and log on to raid. There are about two and a half healers present. There is a message in my mailbox saying "don't hate me daddy" with a face like this ——> >________________< from one of the other healers and something about having to work. A status text from Brock arrives immediately afterwards with an excuse about having to take a dog he doesn't have to a place that doesn't exist.

I begin to feel apprehensive. As if perhaps there is going to be a revolt. See the last time this happened, Illside got not one but TWO black eyes from his wife for ditching an anniversary or some such shit for what ultimately turned out to be a canceled raid. This was NOT going to end well, and action needed to be SWIFT.

So to boost morale we kicked a couple of inactives that we had been saving for a time like this, and brought some alt healers and spent a few hours wiping in the most spectacular ways. See the purpose of that exercise was to have everyone ELSE practice, so when the real healers found themselves we'd kill the boss quickly. Which, surprisingly, is EXACTLY what happened.

Fucking Brock.

See he wasn't always an embarrassment to the Officer rank. THIS is the Brock I recruited and promoted and loved and gave a legendary hammer to: a handsome Canadian horse-cop with a sweet dog, who not only had a hot classmate/supervisor/whatever named Allison pressing her chest against his head but who also HIT THAT on a number of occasions as the story goes.

Brock: The Legend

And this here is the Brock we all know and love:

Brock: The Reality

How the mighty have fallen.

That's it for now. See since Blizzard decided to space out the content, I am also forced to space out the epic 3-page Arthas kill update. Until next time.